Fulton County hearing: Trump case hangs in balance as judge mulls DA Willis’ disqualification

DA Fani Willis’s office on Tuesday urged the judge to reject the disqualification effort against her, arguing in a filing that Trump and his co-defendants failed to meet the “high” standard required by law to disqualify an elected district attorney.

Willis’ office, in the filing, told the judge the law requires him to find a “high standard of proof” that he has an actual conflict of interest or that he is engaged in forensic misconduct — which he says he did not do. She urged the judge to reject the arguments from Trump and others that the judge could disqualify her based solely on an appearance of a conflict.

“The binding caselaw in Georgia is clear: a trial court is not authorized to disqualify an elected district attorney absent a showing,” the filing states. “Every Georgia case that has addressed the issue has reached the same conclusion: in order to authorize a trial court to disqualify an elected district attorney, an actual conflict of interest must be proven.”

The filing said Trump and some of his co-defendants have asked the judge to instead adopt a “novel” legal standard for disqualification “that has never before been recognized in Georgia.”

“But no such standard exists under our law,” the filing states.

The filing also emphasized that, based on the law, any alleged benefit a prosecutor received must be material, writing that a “nebulous” benefit that is not directly tied to the outcome of the case “is not sufficient to warrant disqualification.”

“Here, the Defendants have not even alleged — and certainly have not proven — that the District Attorney received any benefit contingent upon the outcome of this case,” the filing said.